A big congratulation to Green House Ingredient Sdn Bhd for wining the Best Practise Award in Malaysia Food Ingredient Industry 2020 by FROST & SULLIVAN.

As we know, Frost & Sullivan was founded by Dan L. Sullivan and Lore A. Frost in New York City in 1961 and expanded outside the US in 1970s. Frost & Sullivan have been almost 60 years ago.

Frost & Sullivan is a business consulting firm involved in market research and analysis, growth strategy and corporate training across multiple industries. Frost & Sullivan pioneered and has become a world leader in providing economic, technology, competitive, customer, demographic and best practices research to support clients with their investment and business strategy decisions.

Green House Ingredient, a food flavouring specialist, was establish in 2003 with the main goal of delivering bakery ingredients and quality custom made flavours and colours for the food industry. Green House has been leading for 15 years in food industry in Malaysia and other Asian region, and has achieved as 1st in Bakery Industry Malaysia and Top 4 in Food Industry Malaysia.

What makes Green House achieved in Best Practise Award in Malaysia Food Ingredient Industry 2020? Let us discover together.

Green House has worked with expert in food research field from local university to acquire professional advice and guidance in one of our development projects (FLAVOE Series), which involves mixing of traditional flavours with herbs and spices. Green House foresees a growing trend in favor of savoury-sweet taste in Bakery, Restaurant and Cake (BARESCA) segment. As such, we have developed a series of unique fusion flavours that open up a wide range of possibilities for bakers to produce adventurous flavour to pastry or bakery products.

Green House Ingredient’s growth strategies in the next 5 years is Green House would participate in reputable and major food exhibitions held in the targeted regions to promote and build Green House brand awareness.

Green House will focus in expanding the export division by exploring potential distributorship in the developing regions such as Southeast Asia and China.

Green House develops new products, FLAVOE Series Emulco, which this new series of fusion flavours of emulco was officially launched in July 2019. FLAVOE Series emulco is uniquely formulated from a combination of traditional flavour with herbs flavour that create a wide range of possibilities for bakers to produce adventurous or sweet-savoury flavours to pastry and baker products. The new range of FLAVOE Series Emulco includes Pandan Curry, Strawberry Basil, Chocolate Cinnamon, Apple Cinnamon and Green Tea Oregano.

Green House offers the best value to customer for in terms of performance and price compared to others’ competitors offerings; Green House have been proactive and innovative, business development team is constantly participating in the social media and overseas forums to have better understanding of the consumers especially in the developed countries such those is Europe and East Asia such as China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. We are alert to the dynamic changes of consumer preferences in tastes and expectation and act proactively in creating new innovative flavours. One of the examples is FLAVOE Series Emulco which is the first fusion flavour in the ASEAN market.

Green House has implemented which allows us to sustain growth implementations that help our firm excel at maintaining a superior industry position. Green House development strategies are, we utilized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in managing our company’s relationships and interactions with consumers and potential consumers. This system enables mass mass data collection and analysis. All interaction between sales person and customers including discussion, feedback, product inquiries, requirements and others are recorded in our system. This helps us in understanding consumer behavior and ensuring follow up actions on all consumer inquiries.

Last but not least, Green House has placed to ensure high standards and continued to focus on customer service. Green House has provided live chat service to our consumer via our company website and Facebook Messenger. It serves as a platform for consumer to interact instantly with our customer support team to provide feedback, inquiries and give suggestion. In this way, we will be able to provide consumer solutions to their problem faster without any delay and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is Green House’s priority, we will always try our best to fulfilled it. It is few reasons what makes Green House achieved in Best Practise Award in Malaysia Food Ingredient Industry 2020.


Salted Egg

History of Salted egg, have you known about it? Let’s explore together.

Salted egg originated in China centuries ago and typically involve duck eggs, which are richer, contain more Omega-3 fatty acids and more cholesterol than chicken eggs. To produce salted eggs, by either bringing the eggs in salt or encrusting them in salted charcoal. It also has almost opulent taste with bright yellow yolks with a grainy, oily texture that bind well with most ingredients. The saltiness is inherent in every mouthful.

Why so popular? People are always looking for: more intense taste and something to be discovered or reinvented. Even though it was common and thus already mainstream. Nowadays, people in Malaysia creates something new with the combination of salted egg, such as salted egg chips, salted egg cookies and many more.

As salted egg popular in Malaysia market, Green House comes out with Salted Egg Emulco. As you know, emulco is a combination of flavouring and colouring, it’s really convenient for housewives, home bakers or bakers to create an exquisite cuisine. Now, you can make the mouth-watery dishes without worry. Here’s Salted Egg Cornflakes Cookie recipe, special create by Green House Asia.

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Pandan Curry Cake

Pandan, the bright green colour leaves is well known for its unique sweet aroma. Pandan as the fragrant plant is widely used in dessert and savoury dishes throughout Southeast Asia countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. The local gourmet lovers in Malaysia definitely will not give a miss to the traditional Kuih Talam, Kuih Bingka and the local favourite savoury, the Curry dishes.

Curry aka Kari in Malaysian local name is one of the favourite savoury dishes among the locals and always able to impress the tourists. The unique sweet aroma of Pandan blended well with the taste of Curry is the local secret recipe to capture the heart of the gourmet lovers.

Pandan Curry (v)

Green House’s new generation Pandan Curry Emulco has the taste of pandan leaves and strong curry Flavour with a hint of spiciness effect.Feel like savouring a dessert with Pandan Curry taste now? OR wanted to prepare a hassle free Pandan Curry cake?

Green House’s new generation Pandan Curry Emulco is the right solution for it.


Pandan Curry Cheesecake credit to Reginebakes