About YUZU Emulco


Yuzu is a Japanese citrus lemon that looks similar like mandarin orange but it has minimal juice which makes it precious and costly. It is known as a citrus Junos. It is originated from grow wild form the central of China and Tibet.. It has an exhaustive aroma on the outside and comprises with refreshing zest sour taste.

IMG_1967 (1)Yuzu is famous at Japan and Korea. The culture of Japan and Korea has made a big influence to society, through the rising of Japanese anime and Kpop. It is widely use in pastry, beverage and saucers at Asia and Western nation. Yuzu flavor added into salad dressing, cocktail, cakes, marinade sauce will made a perfect balancing with the sweetness and saltiness in cuisine and brew. Green house Ingredients’ Yuzu flavour and Emulco is being introduced to the market due to inaccessible easily. Now you can easily a make fancy creation without struggling to find YUZU!! Here is an awesome recipe using YUZU emulco.

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Kek Lapis – Underrated Traditional Dessert That Should Not Be Forgotten.

Malaysia has bountiful of desserts that comes from different cultural backgrounds. Despite having all Japanese, Korean or Western desserts, what are some local desserts that we are proud of? It’s definitely the Sarawak Kek Lapis.


Kek Lapis, literally means “layered cake” in Bahasa Malaysia, is a traditional cake from Sarawak, Malaysia. The cake itself exists as an exquisite piece of art make by talented cake artists, living among the ordinaries. In Sarawak, Kek Lapis is baked and served on religious or cultural celebrations such as Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadhan), Christmas Day, Deepavali, birthdays and weddings.

The famous kek lapis from Sarawak originally comes from Malaysia’s neighbour – Indonesia. In Indonesia, the layer cake is named Lapis Legit. In the history, the Betawi people came to Sarawak and has passed down the artistry to the locals. Kek lapis was later being innovated by the Sarawak people with new ingredients, flavours and colour to get what it is being called the Sarawak Kek Lapis now. The Sarawak layer cake evolved over decades and adapted new motif and patterns inspired by the Western cake-making cultures.

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This is how a traditional kek lapis looks like :


And this is how modern kek lapis look like:


Image By : Kek Lapis Firdauz

The ingredients of kek lapis are rather simple which includes oil, milk, sugar, eggs beaten till well incorporated with air, and mix with flour. Some bakers add in Vanilla Flavour Powder to enhance the flavour and aroma. The batter will later be divided into two, where each will be coloured and flavoured differently. The cake is being baked layer by layer by pouring a thin layer of better into the cake mould and as soon as the layer is baked, another thin layer will be poured on top with the other coloured batter.

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How to make Sarawak Layer Cake (VIDEO) :

Since the basic recipes are plain, the cake can be easily jazz up by adding different ingredients to get different variations of cakes. Flavours like Pandan, Vanilla, Chocolate are the common ones, but more revolutionary flavours like red velvet, cookies & cream, and Tutti Fruitti have emerged as customers look for new experiences.

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Green House Ingredient’s Emulco work perfectly with basic cakes like the kek lapis. The layers can be flavoured easily with the Emulcos by adding 2% to the weight of the batter. The convenience allow the baker to be creative in layering different flavours into one cake. For instance, we can have mango, strawberry, blueberry and vanilla flavoured cake layers sandwiched together, by dividing the batters into 4 portions and add in respective Emulco. Green House Emulcos also contain emulsifiers that keeps the cakes moist and fluffy, ensuring the cake is at its best texture for a longer period.

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International Exhibitions That Would Boost Your Food Business To The Next Level.


  1. Food and Hotel Asia


Food and Hotel Asia is a biennial trade show takes place in Singapore and this would be one of the most prominent mega trade show for the food and hospitality industry. FHA has grown tremendously in the past 40 years and earned itself a reputation as the most comprehensive premier international food and hospitality trade show in the region.


Green House Ingredient will be participating in FHA 2018 in April, as we captured many quality buyers and business partners during the exhibition. There are 6 specialized sectors and with Green House’s emphasis on bakery and pastry, we are able to target potential clients who focuses on the bakery sectors, just like what we are specialized in.

  1. THAIFEX – World of Food Asia


For South East Asia Countries, THAIFEX would be the food trade show that you should never miss! It’s an international trade exhibition for food & beverage, food technology and retail & franchise in Asia, in another word, it covers all aspects and areas of the food and hospitality industry. THAIFEX has 11 trade shows in one, and one of the highlights would be that this exhibition also synergize the collaboration between private and public sector in delivering high quality and diverse international food exhibition.


Green House Ingredient has never missed the event since 2015, as we began our accord with NC Bakery Equipment Pte. Ltd. In short, our reputation has grown exponentially with our participation in this exhibition. Besides that, we noticed great liking by the South East Asian market, thus this has contributed substantially to our business.

  1. ANUGA Food Fair


Never ever miss the WORLD LARGEST FOOD FAIR! This gigantic food fair marks the industry’s most crucial meeting point that combines all spectacular food trends around the globe. There are 10 separate trade shows combined in this food fair, packed with informative seminars, programmes with the largest population of exhibitors and visitors, this is no doubt, the number one food event.


Green House Ingredient was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the participator to attend this grand food fair with MATRADE in 2017 at Cologne, Germany. The exhibition is remarkable as we were being introduced to vast international markets with potential buyers from around the world. Our product stood a chance to be tasted by international buyers who have shown great interest on Green House’s products, and we has successfully had our first done deal in the Europe, to sell our products in the UK.

  1. Gulfood

gulfood-logo-colourGulfood takes place in Dubai, UAE every year around February and this exhibition usually targets the Middle Eastern countries. Gulfood exhibitions includes around 185 countries to participate in the exhibition, and based on the past records, near to 90% of the exhibitors have rated that the exhibition is an essential for food business to gain mass exposures.



Green House Ingredient has participated in Gulfood 2016 & 2017 and many business relationships have blossomed since then. With the high demand of Halal products within the Middle Eastern countries, food products that are certified Halal are plays an extremely valuable role and the chances of hooking a business will be increased.




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Asia Top 8 Flavours – Asian Flavours that run the world.

There’s more besides Durian.

  1. Durian

durianDurian is mystical fruit where some people thinks it’s no different than a poop, but to some, eating durian is the same as striking gold, in fact, people who does Durian businesses would agree. China lately reported to have total imports surging 146 per cent to US$635 million in 2016 from five years ago. This indicated that the ever controversial flavour would continue to spike the food market. Green House Ingredient’s Durian powder are now widely used in cookies, while the Durian Emulco has been used to make fruit fillings, custard fillings and cakes.

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  1. Yam


Yam (芋头yu tou) or Taro is nonetheless an iconic Asian flavour for desserts, especially in the Chinese community. It should not be mistaken as the sweet purple potato (紫薯) though both are tubers have similar colours after being cooked.  It gives out a distinctive nutty and creamy flavour, with a slight earthiness. Yam Emulco by Green House Ingredient yields a natural and flavour which gives lives to many pastries just by adding a small percentage of it in the recipe.

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  1. Black Sesame

black-sesame-seedThe black sesame has been made popular by Japanese desserts and the black sesame can be seen in almost different forms such as fillings, spreads, buns or even shaved ice (Kakigori or Bingsu). It seemed conventional and nothing special about this ingredient, but with its nice BLACK colour, it looked pretty cool on any food.


  1. Sweet Potato (Purple and Orange)

dsc00075Sweet Potato (紫薯) is tuber similar to yam, but exist in either yellow, orange or purple with a deeper shade of red. Unlike yam, the sweet potato tasted similar to pumpkins, some would even say it’s like potato but sweeter!  While we emphasizes on natural colours, the purple sweet potato pastries appear in almost all pastry shops!

  1. Custard Apple/Soursop

soursop-fruit-1-300x245Famous among the Asian continents, the custard apple or soursop might be originated from tropical region of America. Though not sure, the Mandarin name of it (红毛榴莲 hong mao liu lian) may refer it as Westerner’s Durian resembling the outlook of Durian. The fruit has a creamy texture like banana but taste like a citrus fruit, and has been widely used in beverages. This year, the fruit as become a rising star in food products. As the flavour of soursop can be quite mild sometimes, adding a drop or two Soursop flavour is the ideal way to give it an extra boost.

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  1. Pandanve17_large

After being mentioned by famous Celebrity Chef, Nigella Lawson as the next biggest trend, the new green to replace Matcha, Pandan has started to steal a bit of the limelight. Pandan which has been used widely among the Asia countries has now more up to a world stage. The distinctive grassy yet delicate aroma is versatile in both savoury and sweet dishes. Green House Ingredient’s Pandan and Pandan Coconut Emulco is being crafted to counter our customers’ problem of inconsistency when it comes to using natural pandan in making food. The Emulco has the best aroma, flavour and colour that make up what has been losing or lacking.

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  1. White Coffee

The word “White Coffee” is use to describe the coffee made from Ipoh, a small town by Hainanese settlements in Malaysia, which its beans are roasted in margarine, ground, brewed and served with sweetened condensed milk. Malaysia’s White Coffee evolved to be a heritage of the town and the richness of the distinctive aroma and flavour are now infamous. Some of Green House Ingredient’s Coffee Emulco are crafted based on the White Coffee taste profile, and this is nonetheless, it is one of our all-time best-sellers.

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  1. Jackfruitimg_how_to_make_flour_using_jackfruit_seeds_12492_orig

You might be wondering why but Jackfruit has finally went up to catch the attention of many, and this humble yellow fruits are so aromatic resembling honey with a floral note! The flavour is a great entry for people who would want to try exotic fruits! Many has tried to apply in culinary, pastries, ice creams and beverages!

Green House Ingredient manufactured many of the most interesting flavours around the world, in fact, Green House Ingredient nestled in Malaysia, a country with great diversity, we are confident that our recipes for the food flavourings have high authenticity and has top quality to be applied in all food products. As we conduct our market research and development, we observe trends of flavours and assist our customers to achieve their goals, providing best flavour solution to make the best foods for the mass market.



What is Emulco? : Malaysia Emulco Expert, Green House Ingredient tells you what is it.


Searching the internet about Emulco, it’s not as common as food flavourings or colourings and yet, it’s also not a new thing in the year 2018 as well. However, the use of Emulco has started to gain more attention few years back then, when the word “Emulco” has been started to be adapted by many food ingredient manufacturers.

So what is Emulco actually? In Green House Ingredient, we have given it a comprehensive description of viscous, “syrup-like” liquid made with concentrated flavouring often with an addition of food colouring. Emulcos (stands for “Emul”-Emulsifier; “co”-Colour), literally means a flavour emulsion combined with food colouring, often added into food products to enhance appearance, aroma, flavour, mouthfeel and to retain moistures.


As Emulcos are the combination of food flavouring and colouring, Emulcos are very convenient and versatile to be used in making food products especially pastries and beverages. Besides that, Emulcos’ existence has had brought many advantages for fellow food manufacturers or even household users such as:

Advantages of Green House Ingredient’s Emulco:

  • Enhance appearance, aroma, and flavour of baked products.
  • Retain moisture of baked goods, resulting in softer texture and better mouthfeel.
  • Heat-proof, able to withstand high baking temperature (±230◦C)
  • Convenient to be used.
  • Wide range of flavour selections.

For the past 15 years, Green House Ingredient has been mastering the production of Emulcos, and continuously conduct Research and Development to provide products which suits the market at its best. Since Emulco is the combination of flavouring and colour, we found the perfect balance of both in our formulations for each flavour of Emulcos. Today we have more than 14 official flavours, but as our requests and demands are getting larger, more than 20 Emulco flavours are on our cards.

How to Use Green House Ingredient’s Emulco?


In general, Emulcos can be applied on any types of pastry, confectionery or beverages. We advise our customers to start with a use of 2% of the total weight of the recipe if they would like to conduct R&D on their own food products. Below are the percentage tested on different products based on the total weight of the recipe:

  • Cakes and Confectioneries (1-2%)
  • Breads and Cookies            (2-5%)
  • Jellies & Puddings               (0.5 – 2%)
  • Fillings & Toppings              (0.5 – 3%)

Many have question about the differences between food flavouring and Emulcos, here’s a brief difference about them:

No Colour Effect. Enhance or Offset colour loss due to food processing.
No effect on moisture retention. Increase moisture retention for food products.
Provides great aroma to food. Provides great aroma to food, can retain more flavour even through high heat.
0.5-1% of total weight of recipe. 2% of total weight of recipe.

Facts you need to know about Emulco :

Q1: Can Emulco be eaten at its own?

Yes, it is edible but it doesn’t serve the purpose. Emulco may look like syrup but it is not.

Q2: Can Emulco be used in Chocolate?

Not recommended.  As Chocolate contains high percentage of fat, and our colouring are water-based, thus cannot be 100% dissolved in chocolate and cause seizing.

Q3: What is Green House’s Emulco’s strengths compared to others?

  1. No added water but formulated with excellent solvents which help to retain moisture and aroma in baked goods.
  2. Natural Flavour Profile

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Diet Killer in CNY: Malaysia Favourite Chinese New Year Snacks!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and I hope that you’ve been working out lately because we are going to load more calories in the upcoming Chinese New Year!

Let’s have a look what are the must-eat during Chinese New Year, and tell us which your favourite is!

  1. Pineapple Tart 凤梨酥/黄梨饼

CNY cookies-04

Pineapple is a must have during Chinese new year, though it may differ in shapes, but all is well who can resist this amazing treat with a savoury and aromatic pie skin on the outside wrapped on the tangy sweet pineapple jam?

Check Out Green House Recipe : PINEAPPLE TART

Suggestions: Try Green House Ingredient’s Vanilla Flavour Powder for more intense flavour!

2. Deep Fried Seaweed

CNY cookies-07

Deep fried seaweed is no doubt one of the most addictive snacks during Chinese New Year. Delicate seaweed fried together with the popiah skin till golden brown, and the sensation of each crunch will make you want for more! Agree with me that you can actually finish the whole packet/can by yourself!

3. Beehives Cookies蜂窝饼

CNY cookies-05

This rather light, airy, sweet and delicate beehives cookies are here to hook on those who crave for something not-too-sweet. Sesame added into the batter and fried till perfection, and these beehives cookies are so thin that you can hardly feel the guilt (diet alert!).

Suggestions: Green House Ingredient’s Vanilla Flavour Powder.

4. Butter Cookies

CNY cookies-02

Butter cookies are one of the most dangerous cookies in the universe as it may cause a sudden gorging.

We all can’t resist the smell of the buttery cookies and its melt-in-your mouth texture, and guess what, this could be one of the easiest cookies to make!

Suggestions: Add Green House Ingredient’s Vanilla Flavour Powder for more intense flavour, add in Emulcos such as Pandan, Chocolate or Coffee, if you would like to flavour your cookies.

Check Out Green House Recipe : BUTTER COOKIES

5. Hap Tou Sou 核桃酥

CNY cookies-03

Hup Tou literally means walnut in Mandarin but for the cookies made so far, usually this type of cookie is made without any walnut. Anyhow, the flavour of these little savoury-sweet cookies are so addictive, and you might ended up finishing half the can and got full even before you have your main meals.

Check Out Green House Recipe : HUP TOU SOU

Suggestions: Try Green House Ingredient’s Vanilla Flavour Powder for more intense flavour!

6. Kuih Kapek

CNY cookies-08

The Kuih Kapek also known as the Chinise Love Letter, which is a paper thin round waffle folded into quarters resembling a cone shape. This is a must-have during Chinese New Year’s signature snack, and due to its high sugar and fat content from Santan, you really need to be careful of overeating it.

Suggestions: Try Green House Ingredient’s Vanilla Flavour Powder for more intense flavour, add in Emulco to experience different versions of it!

7. Floss Spring Roll

CNY cookies-10

The floss spring roll is a direct, savoury I would even say fulfilling snacks which can also be fun changing the filling. The preparation of the snacks are rather easy as you can use the store-bought popiah skins to wrap any type of meat floss or even peanuts nibs or fillings and give it a good fry!

8. Kuih Bangkit

CNY cookies-06

These tiny little white cookies are a typical representative of the “melt-in-your-mouth” cookies. Made with tapioca flour and coconut milk, the cookies are very airy and fragrant. Though this cookie might take longer time to make as compared to the others, but it is wort the time. Once you tasted it, you know this is a real deal.

Suggestions: Try Green House Ingredient’s Vanilla Flavour Powder for more intense flavour! To raise the game, you can even add in Green House’s Pandan or Coffee Emulco to give it a slight twist!

9. Peanut Cookies

CNY Cookies-11

The peanut cookies are for those who love intense nutty flavour. These peanut cookies will drive people Nuts, asking for more! In mandarin, the word peanut (Hua Sheng/ Fah Sang –Cantonese) resemble the word Fat (prosperous), and the cookie is a must have in bring prosperity into a new year!

Suggestions: Try Green House Ingredient’s Vanilla Flavour Powder for more intense flavour!

10. Meringue Kisses

CNY cookies-09

The meringue kisses might seem to be a trendier thing as compared to the other traditional snack, but what we all remember is the gem biscuit that we all had during our childhood time. We often eat the topping and abandon the biscuit, well, now what we got is the meringue kisses, the best part of the gem biscuits that we all fell in love with!

Check Out Green House Recipe : MERINGUE KISSES

Suggestions: Try Green House Ingredient’s Emulcos to make different flavours with wonderful colours!

Vanilla Powder.png

Green House Ingredient has the best vanilla flavour powder to make cookies and biscuits, it’s the best solution to every festive snacks and food. Green House Ingredient’s Vanilla Flavour Powder gives biscuits and cookies extra boost of aroma and fragrance. We assure that you will spot the difference once you try it. Contact us now!

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Types of Food Colourings & How to Use Them

Dyeing is an art.

When the waves of aesthetic food pictures hit the social media, we often amazed by the breath-taking masterpieces made by fellow netizens, you’ll be thinking, how they did that? From the awfully adorable cake pops to the picture perfect Ombre cake, these exquisite pastries are grace with the use food colourings or food dyes for the feast for the eye.

There are plenty of food colourings available in the market but often we confused about the applications on frostings and dough where sometimes we have to toss them out.

Before we run through the list of food colourings available in the market, what you need to know is that food colourings categorized into Natural or Synthetic.

Let’s dive in into food colourings, and break it down to understand which type food dyes you should use them, and this will ignite your imagination of your next try out!

Natural Food Colourings

WHAT IS IT: Natural Colours can be extracted from natural and plants sources in which they consist natural colour pigments such as saffron or turmeric are used to make yellow, carrot juice makes orange, and beets make red tones, spinach or spirulina to make shades of greens.

APPLICATION/HOW TO USE: Can be applied as Water-based Food Colourings.

Synthetic Food Colourings

Synthetic Food Colourings are further being categorized into two main streams: DYE and LAKE Colours. These colour pigments appeared to be in powder form and usually will be added into solvents or carriers such as propylene glycol (PG), Glycerine, Syrups.

DYE Colours: Dye colours give its colouring power when it solubilized in water, but this dye will not be solubilized in oil.

LAKE Colours: These are pigments are insoluble materials that tint oil and fats by DISPERSION (Not solubilize!). Thus, it shows colours when being mixed with oils and fats.

Well, after knowing about the categories of food colourings, we can now run through the list with better understandings.

Here’s what we can find for synthetic food colourings

1.Liquid Colouring


WHAT IS IT: Synthetic Food Colourings, Made by dissolving Artificial Colour Powder in solvents such as water, glycerine or/and corn syrup.

APPLICATION/HOW TO USE: Any food (Pastries, frostings, beverages) but NOT FOR CHOCOLATES.

2. Liquid- Gel Food Colouring


WHAT IS IT: High in viscosity, gel-like liquid. Liquid Gel colouring imparts more intense colour as compared to liquid food colourings.

APPLICATION/HOW TO USE: Any food, especially recipes which are sensitive about its water content such as fondant. NOT FOR CHOCOLATES.

3.Gel Paste

WHAT IS IT: Super concentrated version of Liquid-Gel Colouring.

APPLICATION/HOW TO USE: Any food, especially recipes which are sensitive about its water content. Usually used larger scaled baking and confection making. NOT FOR CHOCOLATES.

4.Oil-Based Food Colourings


WHAT IS IT: The Ingredients doesn’t necessarily contains fats or oil, but contains ingredients such and emulsifiers and certain solvents formulated to be fit the oily food system.

APPLICATION/HOW TO USE: Food with high fat or oil content such as Chocolates and high ratio buttercream frosting.

5.Powder Food Colouring (Colour Dust)


WHAT IS IT: Dyes in powder form. No solvent or liquid is added.

APPLICATION/HOW TO USE: Can be added directly into a dry mixture or batter, mix with a few drops of clear alcohol, or brush the powder directly onto foods as a finish.


Green House Ingredient’s Food Colourings have been tested on different recipes which have shown its versatility in applications, it’s almost like an All-In-One Food Colouring. From Chocolate to Whipped Cream, Biscuits to Cakes, Green House’s Ingredient’s colour imparts great quality colours. Although we don’t sell any consumer pack at the moment, but we have started to distribute our food colourings through private labels.